4 Signs Of A True Friend


I’ve always been intrigued by friendships. Curious thoughts such as:

  • Why do we form bonds with certain individuals, but we don’t really “click” with others?
  • How and why do women form friendships differently than men?
  • How can I be the best friend I can be?

In college, I read Alan Loy McGinnis’ book, “The Friendship Factor,” and it really impacted my life. I think I’ll write a blog on that at a later date!

But since I just returned from a Girls’ Weekend in Malibu, California, with my two besties, I’ve been reflecting on what makes us connect with each other. We talked about this together, so here’s our “4 signs of a true friend”:

  1. A true friend will always seek to do what is in your best interest.
    She wants what is best for YOU — not necessarily what is best for her. Both my friends moved miles away from me in the past few years, but I knew that was best for them and their life circumstances. I rooted for them — even if I knew it would be hard for me.
  2. A true friend accepts you for who you are and doesn’t try to change you. She will know you and love you anyway. So you repeat yourself all the time? Your friend will love you anyway. You worry too much and can’t let it go? She will love you anyway. You root for the heated rival of her favorite sports team? She will love you anyway!
  3. A true friend is real about herself. She doesn’t wear a mask around you or try to be that “perfect” person. In fact, “perfect” people are boring. It’s so much more fun to be around someone who owns up to her mistakes, faults and worries. Being real — we can all relate to that!
  4. A true friend puts God first — before you and before herself. If her focus is on God — on something bigger than this life — then she will be true to you. She will walk beside you even when times are tough. She will have perspective when you hurt her and don’t live up to her expectations. She will persevere with you. She won’t judge you. She will love you!

I’m thankful for my two best friends. Very thankful. I hope to be a “true friend” to them each and every day. And I pray that you find your “true friend” too.



Author: Lora Hutson

Curious. Teacher. Creator. Seeker. I strive to live a full life. I want to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly. When my eyes open each morning, I seek gratitude and try to think positively. And I want to help others do the same.

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